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  • Product Code : CHR-EXHB-DWNK-002
  • Made In : KOREA
  • Colour : GREY & RED MESH
  1. Headrest Adjustable
    To keep your neck and head feeling comfortable and reduce unwanted fatigue, adjust the height of headrest as you want.

  2. Lumbar support with double back tilting structure
    It’s very comfortable feeling of unique S-line back tilting with lumbar Support. It can also reduce unwanted tiredness during working by focusing the position on accurate waist point of each.

  3. Synchronize tilting
    ‘Synchronized tilting’ skills moving in each different angle of back and seat refer to this chair. It’s functions maintain comfortable seating posture in any state.

  4. Height adjustable Armrest
    Stylish armrest makes reduction of unwanted fatigue to arm and shoulder.

  5. Multi Locking
    The user can adjust the back tilting of the chair to their desired angle or position, Switch the left lever under the seat downward to lock the tilt action.

  6. Urethane caster
    The urethane caster endure intense weight and minimize scratches or noises on the floors.

│Color Option│

>> The Features of Mesh

Mesh has a characteristic of having strong elasticity with small holes placed very closely like net. When seated, it wraps the body around making you feel comfortable as if floating on top of water or in the air. It always provides comfort and coolness keeping the body heat from going up as air flows in and out of the holes.

Mesh is a material where germs cannot grow, stains cannot settle, and odor cannot soak into as air just flows through the material having thin and transparent characteristics.

In addition, as it is possible to design it slim to accommodate the style of modern people and at the same time it has the advantage of elasticity and springiness the sponge has, it is very comfortable making you feel illusioned as if you are sitting on clouds when applied to chairs

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